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The Process
The Process

Initial Meeting

The first thing we do is listen. While this may sound trite, we believe a client’s thoughts and feelings are a vitally important piece to the puzzle we are trying to put together. Each pool of money that comes to us to be managed has a story attached to it and has usually taken years (if not generations) to accumulate. Knowing those stories and knowing our clients is what allows us to personalize our portfolios as much as possible for the client.

Gather Information
Of course we also gather client information and data. While we may only manage a portion of a client’s total net worth, we try to put together a full picture of their financial situation. If we were to manage money without knowing other risks or voids present in a clients overall financial picture, we could not do our job as effectively. As part of the information gathering process, we take the client through a standardized questionnaire to help us and the client come to an understanding of what their risk/return profile is.

Choose Investment Strategy
From this discussion and the information gathered we, along with the client, arrive at a Victory investment model that best fits their "personality(ies)" and their situation. The result is not only a “best-fit” strategy for the money we are managing, but a client who understands the portfolio they end up with as well as knowing what can be expected in the months ahead.

Set-up Account
An account will probably need to be established at the custodial firm (normally Schwab Institutional/Charles Schwab & Co.). While we are not affiliated with Schwab, we assist our clients set up all necessary accounts and transfer assets to those accounts.

Portfolio Construction
Once the assets are deposited or transferred into the client's brokerage account, Victory will begin constructing a portfolio based on the strategy and model chosen by the client. The client is not bothered with phone calls asking them to buy the hottest stock or any other security because, again, we do not sell anything. Instead we purchase securities in the client's account that we believe, based on our research, is best suited to fill a particualar niche within a portfolio.

Portfolio Management
Victory then embarks on the continous task of monitoring and managing the assets in a manner that is consistent with the long-term stategy and yet is able to adapt to the changing market environment. We also keep the client informed about how his/her portfolio is performing. Every quarter performance reports are sent out that will provide simple and accurate information about how the portfolio is performing, as well as each individual position.

Maintain Communication
The only thing the client has to do from here on is get together and/or talk to us at Victory as often as they would like in order to make sure we are all on the same page. At the minimum, we encourage clients to meet with us once a year to make sure nothing has changed that we need to know about.

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