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Company Philosophy

Just like a person’s “world view” acts as a ballast in life and helps one to stay on course through the many trials and tribulations of life, so too does our company world view - or our philosophy - guide us here at Victory Wealth Management in our mission of managing people’s wealth.

Our Company Philosophy explains how we operate our business, how we do our jobs and how we treat people. Our philosophy explains our actions more than it guides them. Our philosophy is more about what we believe and, therefore, what drives us and compels us to act how we act and do what we do.

Philosophical Foundation
People and relationships are more important than money and stuff.
The best interests of our clients are paramount to ours - or anyone else’s.

Pillars of Our Philosophy
These are the natural result of our Philosophical Foundation. If we truly believe those two concepts, the following principles will guide and explain everything we do.

Honesty & integrity in everything we do. These are a given if we truly believe in our philosophy (above).
Openness and accountability to our clients dealing with reality and the truth are essential for everyone to make the best decisions.
Actions speak louder than words. We don’t over-promise, over-sell, brag, etc.
The only thing that matters is what we actually do. We would rather let our actions and
our reputation speak for us.
Accessibility to our clients. Our clients should always feel confident that we are readily available, can be easily reached and that we will quickly respond to their needs.
“Good enough” is not good enough. We strive for perfection - or at least excellence
- in everything we do. We always seek to improve.
We always seek innovation and technological advancement when it can benefit the client.
We stay focused on the job(s) clients are paying us for. It’s easy for advisors to get
distracted by other business issues, marketing, busy-work, etc.
We are never satisfied with our current level of knowledge, education and overall
competency. We always want to learn and improve ourselves.
We make sure our incentives are aligned with our clients. It is important for advisors to steer clear of arrangements and situations where their advice could be tainted by conflicts of interest. At the very minimum, we receive no commissions for our managed accounts and we invest our own money in our own strategies.

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